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Who we are

KV-HELP is a local NGO supporting a vast network of women Self-Help Groups in Southern Tanzania since 2012. It acts as a platform for peasant women to acquire vital knowledge and skills for sustaining and promoting healthy livelihoods in their families and communities.



Iddy Mayumana

(CEO, MamaKuku Project Leader)


Allen Mwasulama



Diana Lyakurwa

(Administrative and Project Assistant)


Glory Haridas

(Research Officer)


Everester Kessy (Project Officer)


Jevaline Kileo

(MamaKuku Project Assistant)

How we work

The KV-HELP office is a reliable and permanent contact point for the women groups. As an outreach program, staff members offer a Mobile Village Academy and provide hands-on-training and practical support to women Self-Help Groups. 

What we do

The KV-HELP Mobile Village Academy has developed a unique modular approach integrating three key components of healthy livelihoods:


Vision, Mission and Objectives


To see a Tanzanian society living a health promoting lifestyle in a context of a rapidly increasing double burden of infectious and non-communicable diseases, with KV-HELP being one of the pioneering organizations contributing to this achievement.



To work toward the goal of healthy livelihoods in Tanzania through an innovative approach that integrates development actions across health, education, agriculture/livestock and financial/entrepreneurial sectors



For the purpose of strengthening household resilience toward health emergencies, KV-HELP aims to promote and test development methodologies that empower individuals and Self-Help-Groups (SHGs) in the communities to promote healthy livelihoods.


Specifically, the organization will address the following objectives:

To enhance organizational and financial capacity of SHGs through approaches like Accumulated Saving and Credit Associations (ASCAs).

To improve livelihoods of individuals and SHGs members through farm and non-farm microenterprises using methodologies like Selection, Planning and Management (SPM).

To strengthen health promotion with regard to infectious and non-communicable diseases using approaches like health literacy.


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